Before They Were Scratching Posts

What’s a website without a cat or two?

I’m not always a fan of big box stores but every now and again, you just need a chair or two that isn’t going to break the bank. We had company coming and, being territorial with our personal seating arrangement, (we are creatures of habit, aren’t we?) we realized we needed to accommodate others who come into our home.

This picture was probably fifteen minutes after getting them in place. The ritual of cats, if in case you don’t have any of your own, is probably not too different from the wild. They spy a curiosity or a change in environment, approach slowly, sniffing in the direction of the object of curiosity, (friend or foe?, inanimate or mechanical?) ah, the humans have delivered each of us our own lounge chairs. This, of course, before they were scratching posts.

My husband brought home a very large, multi-tiered, actual scratching post for the cats. They’re no longer interested in the “old” lounge chairs/scratching posts. Our guests now have a place to sit, albeit, a little tattered.

Chairs: Target

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