Blogging is not my profession. I am neither writer nor photographer, and if you’ve perused the pages here, you’re probably not surprised. I figure a few bucks a month for a journal of my creative outlets is a pretty good deal. If you enjoyed or learned something here, then I’m grateful to have contributed in some way, even if it’s a laugh at one of my mishaps!

The eating part of this blog is a result of the lifelong journey of being from an Italian/American family and everything that goes with it. Everyone crammed into the kitchen cooking a Sunday night dinner or a holiday meal, shared knowledge from a generation or three back, or just living in coastal California and having an abundance of produce and seafood readily available.

The playing, well, hopefully this exercise will force me to not only get out there and have a little more fun, but to not take for granted the beautiful area where we live and where we regularly travel around this beautiful and diverse state.

The DIY, well, that comes from many years of penny-pinching out of necessity and then out of habit. Plus, there’s nothing more fun than to hit the Goodwill and see what you can find. It really stretches the imagination to find a funky, broken antlered, fake deer head and see what you can make of it, or a capiz-shelled lamp that’s so filthy you can barely tell there’s a beauty waiting to shine beneath it.

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